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 Delta and Anne Visit
A short story about a Michigan visit

Another trip to Michigan... When Pigs Fly!
The only beer bottle
Beth allows in the house
Beth's Favorite Desert Flower
 Fouquieria splendens



Westminster Presbyterian Church

We Plant a Tree!

Paint Creek Church







Paint Creek Church
Paint Creek Church in the Snow. 
Beth found ET in our grapefruit tree in 1994.
He went to be with his maker on September 12, 2013.
ET Photos

Abby's Slide Show

Beth N. Stone

I have a cat named Abby
who's eyes are emerald green
She is the prettiest pussycat
that I have ever seen

She has some fancy make-up
around her eyes and nose
I love her little furry self
down to her tippy toes

She has a "Buddha" belly
I think she should be thinner
But her favorite pastime
is breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The funny ways she sleeps and plays
give many hours of pleasure
The way she warms my heart just "Being"
is more than I can measure

Her favorite game is "Git Me, Git Me"
cause she can always win
She also likes to chase her tail
which sets her in a spin

She loves to go outside and play
chasing lizards till she's got 'em
But when she runs across the street
I spank her furry bottom!

She is the apple of my eye
I call her Little Miss Priss
but she squirms when I hug her tight
and give her a great big kiss!

The End(s)

I love it when you take my picture!

Relaxing with the monster!


Beth with ET & Spooky

Click these photos to see slide shows of our pets...


Spooky came to us on July 25th, 2001 at approximately 6 months old. He went to be with his brothers and sisters on April 19th, 2016.



"Grief is the price we pay for Love"
Mr. Bear
June, 1999 - May 5, 2011



Michael brought Duffy home from the same workplace that Abby had come from in the Spring of 1990 (about 4 months old).
Duffy left us in the Spring of 2000.



 Buster adopted us in March of 2012
at the approximate age of 8.
He went to be with his maker on February 4, 2015.

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