12 November 1967



Dear Mom and Dad and Granny,


            How is everyone?  I was sure glad to receive your comforting letters.  We have mail flown in to us every day by helicopter, but in proportion to the number of people Ive corresponded with, I dont receive much mail.  It only takes from six to eight days to get here, and theres a days difference in time, also.  I made it a point to answer letters as soon as I received them before I left the states, realizing that I wouldnt have a lot of spare time out here. 

            I wouldnt have had time to write today except that the weather is bad, and were helping to search for two men that were washed overboard off the USS Pratt, a DLG, this morning.  We were to highline this morning, and there were several GQs set for today, but they were all cancelled because of the weather.  We lucked out and got our holiday routine after all.

            Tomorrow is really going to be a busy day.  Besides having our usual number of highlinings and GQs, we have to refuel, rearm and replenish from three different ships at 18:00.  They always do these things at night.  We refueled and rearmed Saturday night, and I got stuck with the 8 again.  I had to help hoist them up into the turret.  It didnt take too many to tire me out either.  Its a good thing they had some replacements.  Lifting 260 lb. projectiles even with block and tackle and the help of another man is a difficult task.  Even at a distance to ten feet.  Or maybe Im just weak.

            Thank you for the turkey, Mom.  Im sure theyll let us enjoy turkey around the 24th, but your thought was much more meaningful than any food.  Thank you.