16 March, 1968




Dear Mom and Dad,


            Well, how long has it been this time since Iíve written?  We just spent 14 glorious days in the Philippines.  I got to see a little more than just the city of Olongopo this time.  I went on a tour to Manila.  It was really nice to be away from the ship for a weekend.  Manila was just like a large city anywhere.  It really made me feel funny on one occasion.  I went to a show there, ďThe Valley of the DollsĒ, and when I got out and stepped into a taxi I had to remind myself where I was.  Iíve never really had that sensation before, or if I have itís been a long time.

            Weíre back at the DMZ for a few days until we go back up north.

            We are still scheduled to arrive at San Diego on the 29th of April, but weíll be leaving from Yokosuka Japan instead of Subic.  The northern route.

            Iím not sure Iíll be coming back though.  Some time ago Jerry Lefler and I volunteered for Desron Three which is a destroyer squadron.  The squadron is scheduled to be home ported in Yokosuka Japan in July or August.  It will be for two years.  We are supposed to get our orders about the 15th of April, and it will be until then before I know more.

            What was that I said about Japan.  Well, I felt the way you did that my impressions were false and that Iíd like it if I had a chance to see more.