19 September 1967

Dear Mom and Dad and Granny,

Hi ya folks! Iím glad to hear that everyone is feeling in tip top shape.

Iím afraid l canít quite say that about myself. Iím tired!

I stood duty over the weekend far another poor swabby that was in a tight spot. My last watch was an eight to twelve Sunday night. We were up at 4:00 in order to pull out of Longbeach and head for Seal Beech where we loaded ammunition until 7:00 p.m. I had to go back to Longbeach to pick up my civilian clothes and didnít get back till 11:00 last night, and then up at 5:90 this morning. True, Iím tired, but I realize that if l donít became accustomed to a small amount of sleep that Iíll hardly find time to study while an the cruise Besides, I sleep better when Iím tired.

I have to get up at 3.30 in the morning for a watch an the bridge. Itís pretty good the way the underway watches are. As it turns Out, I have one four hour watch every 24 hours.

Thank you far the pin-up, Mom, Itís the first one! I just havenít bothered to tear out the Playboy pin-ups.

This constant rocking back and forth is getting to me, No, Iím not sick yet. I just canít keep my mind from it.

You wouldnít believe the arsenal we have an board. We could start and stop our own little war, it seems. The Marine detachment of about 60 men has an arsenal for a small army. I just couldnít get aver it.

Toward the end of the day, after handling 75 pound cases of 8 inch powder far several hours, I was helping the Marines to pass some boxes of 30 caliber bullets. I was receiving through a hatch in the overhang. Someone on a ladder an the deck above dropped a box of 1000 rounds and it hit two others that came tumbling dawn at me. Itís a good thing I saw them coming.

We were told that we could make out our wills tomorrow,