3 November 1967


Dear Mom and Dad and Granny,


            Hi ya folks!  How are things back home.  This is nothing like what I expected.  Can hardly tell Iím fighting a war.  I have a cold now, because during General Quarters I have to go into an air conditioned space, and Iím usually all sweaty.  The 3Ē mounts are manned, but not used so they put us in a shelter so that we wonít get hit by flack.  Itís safe that way, but I canít see whatís happening.  And the captain doesnít tell us whatís going on.

            Iím on better terms with my L.P.O, at least as far as Iím concerned.  I was just fed up with the whole bit.  I donít have time to get fed up now.

            One of the most beautiful sites Iíve seen in a long time was when we high lined personnel from another cruiser.  It was dark, about 8:00, and both ships were bathed in red lights.  We were only 20 yards apart.  And the Newport Newsí band was playing.

            I havenít been taking any pictures, maybe Iíll take some soon, but Iím usually working or canít get to my camera.  The ship publishes a cruise book at the end of the cruise, which shows what all we did.  Much like a high school year book.

            One thing that seems so out of place here is that often times after weíve been shooting at the enemy all day, weíll come down and watch a movie.  That strikes me funny.

            When are you going to send me some pictures?  Iíd like to see what my car looks like with those new wheels.

            I think weíre going to Hong Kong next month.  Is there anything special I could get?

            I didnít go into town this first time in Subic Bay.  I spent my evenings on base or on Grande Island.  I usually ended up carrying some of my buddies back to the ship, but we had fun.