April 10, 1968 


Dear Mom and Dad,

             Weíre finally headed for home.  Tonight is our last time in Subic Bay.  I havenít heard anything about Desron 3 yet, but Iíll call you if I get off before we hit the states.  Weíve stopovers in Japan and Hawaii.

            I sure would like to see you on the pier when I get there.  Do you think you could do it?

            Iím glad you may be able to get something from your endeavors in Colorado, Mom and yes, Dad, I did receive your last $10.  In fact I was very short on money at the time.

            Theyíre only letting us have 17 days leave unless I get Desron 3, then I should get 30.  I requested leave from the 14 of June till the 30th.  Donít know if itís gone through or not.

            We only had one bad accident on the line this time.  Five hours before we left, there was an explosion in an upper handling room of one of our 5Ē mounts.  I was on watch in the 8Ē turrets at the time, but three of my shipmates were injured, not seriously though.  It seems that a powder case exploded, or just part of it.

            Iím now in 6th div. instead of 2nd.  A gunners mate.  Just been there for three days.  I donít know much, but Iím learning fast.