February 1, 1968

Dear Mom and Dad and Granny,

The weather here in Korea is probably much the same as that at home. We had to leave Yokosuka two days early and I didnít have a chance to buy the things you wanted, Mom. But I think weíre going to return to a Japanese port and Iíll probably be able to get them then. I could have bought all but the wood carvings at the Naval facilities in Yokosuka. I didnít see any carvings anywhere while I was there that were from Thailand.
Dad, I received your letter and the ten dollars. The money came in real handy, as usual. The trouble with Japan is that youíd never have enough money. The only thing I found any good about the place was the cheap booze. A fifth of Old Grand Dad was only $2.00 and we could drink mixed drinks at the EM club for 15 cents. Good drinks, too. I paid ten times that for worse in New Orleans.
I received everything but the road maps. Iím still eating the orange slices and beans. The salami molded though, and I was afraid to eat it. Sure hated to waste it! I guess canned goods are the only things you should send. Peaches and pears sure would be good.
I havenít been receiving all my newspapers and when they do come itís in bunches and I canít read them all. It would be better if you discontinued having them sent to me and just send clippings of important happenings.
The climate here is quite different than that of Vietnam. We arenít standing our regular condition III watches. Due to the North Koreans Air Force we have to man the 3Ē guns, just in case. We have to stand outside too. Itís quite a sight to see 20 men huddled around a laundry vent trying to keep warm.
We went through two snowstorms during my last watch and it was just an hour and a half.
You wouldnít believe the display of power present here. The ships stretch beyond the horizons, and more arrive everyday. We were among the first ten ships to arrive and are stationed alongside the Enterprise.
Last night, one of the destroyers of our group collided with a Russian ship. No damage. A Russian cruiser ďescortedĒ us through the Korean Strait on our way up here. Things get interesting at times.