February 7, 1968

Dear Mom,

There havenít been any developments that I know of yet. Weíre all pretty well in the dark as to whatís going on. I do know that we and a carrier and a few destroyers are all thatís left of the task force that was here. Maybe weíll be the ones to tow the Pueblo out. I donít know.
A couple of Russian bombers flew over today, and that Russian destroyer is still hanging around; but there havenít been any encroachments on anyoneís part.
Those long canisters I was carrying in the picture
  are empty 5Ē powder cans.
Iíve enclosed a couple of pictures and a negative. I finally bought myself a camera. Itís a Ricoh and amounts to a Japanese instamatic. Takes excellent pictures. One of the pictures is of a group of us at the EM club in Yokosuka, having dinner.
From left to right: Steve Irving, Jerry Lefler, the one you canít see Henry Chapa, Pete Donaldson, David Hathcock, Roger Epard, and Norman Sice. Jerry, David, Roger and Norman (Chuck) are my closest buddies. Dave you know about. Jerry and Roger are from Illinois, and Chuck is an Indian from New Mexico. Henry is Mexican.
That was our first night over in Japan. We ate New York steaks for $2.00.
Donít worry!!