June 17, 1968

USS Mahan DL-G-11

1st Div. Main Post Office

San Francisco, Calif. 96601


Dear Dad,


            Iím sorry to hear that youíre in the hospital and I hope youíll forgive me for not at least sending you a card on Fatherís Day.  I truly feel bad about that.  Thereís so much that you and Mom have done for me and so little that Iíve done in return.  I havenít even made much of myself.

            It seems that Iím always neglecting those who mean the most to me.

            I donít feel any difference now that Iím legally a man, just a few more privledges and responsibilities.

            I would much rather have been home with you.  Yesterday was really depressing.  I just drank beer all day.  In one bar and then another, all by myself.  Only one place checked my I.D. and he gave me a free drink.

            I ran into the first class who is trying to get me into his division (Fire Control Technician, missiles).  He said it would probably be 3-6 months before I could get in.  Meanwhile I can study up on electronics, one course which I received today.

            I hope youíre feeling much better today.