March 20, 1968



Dear Mom and Dad,


            Well, Iíve settled back into the hectic routine of life on the line.  We rearmed for the second time this morning.  Weíve been firing a lot of five inch lately and it took us three hours to get rid of all the empty powder cans, not to mention bringing on fresh ammo.  Altogether we were alongside for six hours.

            Weíre refueling tonight at 11:00 and Iíve got the mid watch so there wonít be much sleep for me.  Weíre firing constantly again and it does take some getting used to.  The worst part is having your tray jump every time they fire when youíre eating chow.  Itís really rather disturbing!

            Iíve enclosed some pictures and negatives that need developing.  I still need more pictures of myself, or copies, to send to friends.  Iím sending the pictures to you first so you can pick out the good ones.  I sent one real good one of me to a girl in California, but Iíve enclosed the negative.