A Scene, Pauline's Place

by Cherie

  Leaving the hot blacktop road, we turn into a narrow aperture of iron-red rocks, canopied by the soft whisper of emerald leaves, moving ever so gently, and allowing tiny bright rivets of sunlight to dart downward. The cool dewy breeze surrounds us, carrying with it all the serenity, mystery and sweet smells of the forest.

    Suddenly, the spotlight of golden clearing appears and we gasp and try to absorb in an instant the warm quietness encompassing the ochre colored house as it calls out a welcome through neat black shutters. An atlas of an oak tree supports a wooden swing and guards the grassiness with huge, shady arms. The silence of leaves gently touching in the breeze is broken only by the calls of the mockingbird and the quail. The old house exudes warmth and smiles its memories of happy days long past as we approach. It boasts new paint and shutters, but values the warm welcome offered by the shiny plank floors, woodstoves and rosy copper kettles. As we step over the threshold and rush to hug Pauline, we can feel the house and trees hugging us too.

    Soft flickering shadows and yellow rays filter through the windows as the rich thickness of the ancient deep-hued Oriental carpet gushes up around our feet. The friendly wood heat stove stands majestically silent, awaiting the crisp fall nights when it can take its rightful place as the apex of indoor life. Gleaming wood grained beams underwrite the rooms in a strong and comforting way, mirroring the chairs and tables of eras long past. As we move into the kitchen a wood cook stove conjures up mouthwatering morsels of the past and motionless rockers beckon us to rest. The warm red copper utensils smile among the heaviness and strength of iron skillets as we gather around the hefty round table of oak.

  As we all chatter at once, the house and its things sigh in contentment.

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