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What is an eBook?
"eBook" is short for "electronic book," a digital version of a print book that offers the convenience, access, and unique capabilities of the digital realm. Popular eBooks in Microsoft Reader format are offered by many book publishers and sold by popular online retailers.

These stories can be downloaded then read at your leisure on your computer or a portable device.

How can I get a copy of Microsoft Reader?
You can install Microsoft Reader for Windows-based PCs and laptops and
 Microsoft Reader for Tablet PCs on this site. Microsoft Reader ships with most Windows Powered Pocket PC devices.

How much does Microsoft Reader cost?
There is no charge to download Microsoft Reader. It's available FREE as a download on this site and it comes preinstalled on most Pocket PC devices.
Visit the Microsoft Pocket PC site for information on where to buy Pocket PC devices.

List of e-books available on this site:
Note: some of these files are rather large.

Big_Bend.lit - The story of what Mike and Beth did after they had met at Big Bend National Park

Honeymoon.lit - The story of the extended honeymoon Mike and Beth took after their marriage in 1985.

Across the Plains in '88.lit - Story by Edith Wright Vermillion about going to the Colorado Mountains in a covered wagon.

Mike's Ancestors.lit

Robert Wright.lit - Descendents of Robert Wright

Jacob Smittle.lit - Descendents of Jacob Smittle

I came to Oakland County - By Ellen Rice


Beth's Ancestors.lit

Kelly Family History.lit - Payson Moody Kelly Family History

William Kelly.lit - Descendents of William Kelly

Buckingham Family.lit

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