Be Green: Drink Beer


Not just the San Miguel Beer from the Philippines and Southeast Asia.
More beer brewers are establishing ethanol plants on their brewing sites to turn the waste products from the brewing process into ethanol. It is obvious that the more beer that is consumed the greater the volume of available materials from which to produce ethanol, thereby reducing our dependence on foreign oil to power our cars.
It is therefore incumbent on all who wish to reduce that dependence, as well as incumbent upon all who are concerned with global warming, to consume as much beer as possible. We need as much raw material as we can produce. Beer drinking should be considered a civic duty! I am certainly attempting to do my part, but I find that as I get older "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." I cannot contribute to the effort as I once could. "Green" beer can be guzzled to the maximum of one's limit with ethical and moral justification.

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