"It is not so much the investment in the variety as it is in the six pack (or more) required of each to test them."

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Telluride Beer  
Tennent's Beer Whisky Oak Aged Brewed by Tennent's Caledonian Breweries UK Ltd Wellpark Brewery Glasgow - Scotland Imported by Wm Magner Inc Middlebury - Vermont Imported from Scotland  
Hand-Crafted Beer Aged with Single Malt Scotch Whisky Oak Chips 11.2 Fluid Ounces 330 ml 6% Alcohol/Volume
Tequiza Extra  
Terrapin Rye Pale Ale Terrapin Beer Co. Athens GASweet Water Brewing Co  Donated by Fred
The Barista Breakfast Brown Ale - Brewed with Espresso - Oatmeal and Milk S Brewed and Bottled by Clown Shoes Beer Ipswich - Massachusetts  A Clown Shoes legend - Brown Angel - put away her dancing shoes to focus on extracting espresso - brewing coffee and pouring latte art with zen-like focus - The Barista Breakfast Brown is crafted with English and American malts - flaked oats - cold-brewed espresso - milk sugars and the spirit of angel wings
1 Pint 6 Fluid Ounces 8.5% Alcohol/Volume
The Sixth Glass Quadrupel Ale Boulevard Smokestack Series Boulevard Brewing Company Kansas City - Missouri  Donated by Steve Cobb
The Sixth Glass is a Deep and Mysterious Libation - Dark Auburn and Full-Bodied Tempting Aromas of Date and Fig Precede a Malty Roundness and Warming Finish that Fairly Begs for Another Taste - 12 Fluid Ounces 10.5% Alcohol/Volume
The Sixth Glass Quadrupel Ale Link to Brewery  Since 1989-Brewed and Bottled by Boulevard Brewing Company Kansas City - Missouri
12 Fluid Ounces 10.5% Alcohol/Volume 22 IBUs
The Three Stooges Beer Premium Lager Brewed and Bottled by Panther Brewing Company Wilkes-Barre - Pennsylvania  Donated by George Parham
Brewed Using the Unique Slowly I Turn Process We All Put The Yeast In 12 Fluid Ounces 355 ml
Third Bear English Style Ale Link to Brewery  Saugatuck Brewing Company Douglas - Michigan - Donated by Mike Wood
Not too Hoppy Not too Sweet An Amber Ale Brewed in the British Tradition A Malt and Hop Balance That's Just Right 12 Fluid Ounces 5.5% Alcohol/Volume
Third-Shift Amber Lager Band of Brewers Company Fort Worth - Texas/Trenton - Ohio  
Doesn't Stop When The Day Shift Is Over - 12 Fluid Ounces (0.355 L) - 5.3% Alcohol/Volume
Thomas Kemper Weizen Berry  
Thomas Manley & Bronze Lager  
Three Finger Jack Ale & Stout Saxer Brewing Co.  
Three Horses Brand  
Three Philosophers Quadrupel 2012-98% Ale-2% Ale with Cherries Blend Brewery Ommegang-Cooperstown-New York  Donated by Gary Michel
12 Fluid Ounces - 9.8% Alcohol/Volume
Thresher - Barrel-Aged Barleywine Barrel-Aged English-Style Barleywine Aged Link to Brewery  With the dawn of steam power came the automated thresher - dramatically reducing the time it took to harvest barley - enabling brewers to produce greater quantities of beer for the thirsty masses - Our Barrel-Aged Thresher is a nod to those heady days of radical innovation and invention - Much like the thresher itself - our English-Style Barleywine takes an Old World idea and infuses it with American ingenuity - Or as its commonly known - whiskey
With oak whiskey and orange on the nose - Thresher showcases a malty sweetness with a marmalade character reminiscent of candied oranges - dates - and dark - dried cherry alongside a pleasant warming sensation - balancing bitterness - residual toffee/vanilla notes and a mild spiciness via its Trappest yeast strain - One Pint 6 Fluid Ounces 8.9% Alcohol/Volume
Tiger Lager Beer Singapore  
Tire Bite Golden Ale Flying Dog  Donated by Fred
Toasted Coconut Porter  Donated by Gary Michel
Tommy Bahama - Bungalow Blonde  
Tommy Knocker - Butt Head  Donated by Bernie Gudobba
Towhead American Blonde Premium Ale Link to Brewery  Brewed with love in Springfield - Missouri Mother's Brewing Company Established 2011
Best served while watching your favorite band or team - having a cookout or fishing and camping - preferably in the Ozark Mountains Home is where the hop is - 12 Fluid Ounces 5.2% Alcohol/Volume 21 IBU
Traveler Tenacious Shandy Link to Brewery  Donated by Gary Michel
Brewed and Bottled by the Traveler Beer Company Cincinnati - Ohio and Breinigsville - Pennsylvania - Ale Brewed with Lemon Peel and Natural Flavors - Honey and Ginger 12 Fluid Ounces 4.4% Alcohol/Volume
Trop Top Tropical Pale Ale Link to Brewery  Brewed with Love in Springfield - Missouri Mother's Brewing Company Established 2011
Best served while swinging wistfully in a hammock - getting misty-eyed to No Woman - No Cry - bringing back the solid white suit and pastel-shirt - delighting at the sight of neon lights - and perched on the hood of a '67 Camaro while watching the sunset 12 Fluid Ounces 6% Alcohol/Volume 30 IBU
Tsingtao Beer Link to Brewery  Brewed by Tsingtao Brewery Company Oingdao - China
Imported Exclusively by Monarch Import Company Chicago - Illionois 12 Fluid Ounces
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