"It is not so much the investment in the variety as it is in the six pack (or more) required of each to test them."

Brand Style Style Style Link to picture
"33" Export Vietnam  
Aecht Ochlenferla Rauchbier Original ? Smoked beer  
Abita Amber Turbo Dog  
Alaskan Summer Ale   Donated by Brian Kreiger
Amstel Light    
Anchor Brewing Co Merry Christmas Happy New Year 1995 Ale
Anheuser Bush Honey Lager  

Arapahoe Amber Ale Great Divide Brewing Co.  
Aris Greek Lager Beer    
Arrogant Bastard Ale Stone Brewing Co. Donated by Joan Finch
Augsburger Bock    
Aviator Honey Brown Ale India Pale Ale  
Azuga Regular Beer Product of Romania Donated by
Carmen Raymond
Bacardi Silver  

Donated by Ryan Stone 

Bad Frog Light Lemon  
Bah Humbug Christmas Ale Wychwood Donated by
Bernie Gudobba
Bass & Cos Pale Ale Britain  
Becks Beer Dark Imported Bremen Germany
Belhaven Scottish Ale St. Andrews Ale  
Berkshire Springs Stock Ale    
Bert Grant's Scottish Ale    
Birra Moretti     Donated by Curtis & Bernie Gudobba
Black Butte Porter    
Black Butte Porter Red bottle?  
Black Dog Ale Spanish Peaks    
Black Mac Traditional Dark Malt Ale    
Black Star Double Hopped Golden Lager Great Northern Brewing Co.
Blatz Various    
Blue Paddle      
Blue Moon Nut Brown Ale Honey Blonde Belgian White
Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin    
Bootie Lager    
Boulevard Pale Ale    
Boulevard Pale Ale  

Donated by Ryan Stone 

Breckenridge India Pale Ale   Donated by
Rod & Joan Kennen
BridgePort Blue Heron Pale Ale  
Brimstone Honey Red    
Brimstone Stone Beer    
Brooklyn Lager`    
Budweiser Hooters    
Budweiser Millennium

Budweiser Quart    
Budweiser Various    
Budweiser Bud Light    
Budweiser Red Label Bud Light (Hourglass Bottle)
Budweiser Bud Light Bud Light ~
Blue Aluminum Bottle
Aluminum Bottles donated by George Parham
Budweiser Red & Black Aluminum Bottle Bud Aluminum Bottles donated by George Parham
Budweiser Red Aluminum   Donated by Bill Shuts
Budweiser Bud Light    
Budweiser Bud Ice Light Bud Dry Bud Ice
Budweiser Natural Light Natural Ice

Budweiser Bud Light Anheuser World
Donated by Bruce Webb
Budweiser Select
Bull Ice Large    
Bull Back of Bottle    
Bush Large Medium Short
Calusa Wheat Golden Tropical Ale  
Captain Morgan Gold

Donated by Ryan Stone

Cave Creek Chili Beer    
Cave Creek Chili Beer New Mild  
Chang Beer Thiland Donated by
Bernie Gudobba
Cherry Rail      
Chihuahua Beer Mexico  
Clipper City Chesapeake Gold Ale  
Colt 45 Malt Liquor    
Coors Original    
Coors Banquet Beer    
Coors Banquet Beer Birthday Package 120 years
Coors Elsbock    
Coors Large    
Coors Light Beer The Pound? 1 pint
Coors Coors & Coors Light Baseball Bat Bottles  
Coors Original Draft Premium Beer  
Coors Winterfest   1987
Coors Winterfest   1994
Corona Extra Small Large Donated by Fred Finch
Corona Extra Beer La Cerveza Mas Fina  
Cristal Premium Beer Product of Peru  
Cuzo Premium Peruvian Beer  
Dead Armadillo Roasted Red    
Delirium Nocturnum    
Delirium Tremens ale  
Dergy Amber Ale    
Devil Mountain Black Honey Ale    
Dixie Jazz Amber Light New Orleans  
Dock Street Amber Beer    
Dogfish Head 90     
Dogfish Head 60 India Pale Ale Donated by Bruce Templeton
Dos Equis Special Lager    
Dos Equis Imported Beer    
Dragon Stout    

Eau Benite
Triple Wide Mouth  
Efes Pilsener    
Eisbock   (Coors)  
Elephant Imported Malt Liquor (Carlsberg)
Elk Mountain Red    
Elvira's Night Brew Dark Lager  
Fischer's Ale Old German Style  
Fischer La Belle    
Flat Tire Beer      
Flying Dog      
Foster's Lager    
Full Sail Amber Ale    
Gaspar's Ale    
Geary's Pale Ale    
George Killian's Irish Red Irish Brown  
George Killian's Irish Red Wilde Honey  
Grants Imperial Stout Scottish Ale  
Goose Island Mild Ale Chicago  
Grolsch Preminum    
Guinness Extra Stout    
Guinness Extra Stout    
Guinness Draught  

(Contributed by
 Fred Finch)

Hamm's 12 oz bottle    
Harpoon Spring Maibock    
Hatuey Beer Cerveza  
Hebrew The Chosen Beer Messiah Stout Donated by
Mark Triton
Heineken Tarwebok Lager  
Heineken Lager    
Heineken Light Lager  
Hopslam Ale   Donated by Dave McVeigh
Humpack Premium Ale Premium Honey Wheat  
Hempen Gold Ale  
Henry Weinhards Private Reserve    
Hop Hound Amber Wheat Michelob Brewing Co. Donated by Fred Finch
Hurricane Reef Lager    

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