"It is not so much the investment in the variety as it is in the six pack (or more) required of each to test them."

Brand Style Style Style Link to picture
Ice House Large Medium Short
Ice House 5.5    
Ice Man Malt Liquor qt    
IC Light    
Iron City Premium Beer    
Jack Daniel's 1866 Classic Amber Lager  
Jamaica Red Ale Mad River Brewing Co.  
James Boag's Premium Lager Australian
Jed's Hard Lemonade      
John Courage Premium Beer    
John Courage Amber    
Kalik Export Quality Beer Beer of the Bahamas Extra Strength Gold
Kalik Premium Quality Beer of the Bahamas Donated by
Ryan Stone
King Crown Brown Ale    
King's Peak Porter    
Kirin Beer upside-down label   Donated by M. Scott Russell
Kirin Ichiban Special premium  
Labatt's Canadian    
Labatt's 50 Ale    
Lake Highland Amber    
LandShark Lager    
Little Kings Cream Ale    
Lone Star The National Beer of Texas    
Lone Star Light    
Lowenbrau Special Beer Dark Special  
Mackeson xxx Triple Stout    
Magic Hat Circus Boy   Donated by Fred & Joan Finch
Magic Hat Jinx   Donated by Fred & Joan Finch
Magic Hat Participation Lager Donated by Fred & Joan Finch
Magic Hat # 9 Pale Ale Donated by Fred & Joan Finch
McCoy's Newcombs I.P.A.  
Michelob Special Dry Regular
Michelob Amber Bock    
Michelob Classic Dark Classic Dark  
Michelob Centennial Dry  
Michelob HefeWeizen Wheat Ale Donated by Joan & Rod Kennen
Michelob Regular Light (large) Light
Michelob Golden Pilsner    
Michelob Maple Brown Ale Winter Brew Special Ale  
Mickeys Various    
Miller Chill Chelada Style  
Miller Genuine Draft High Life High Life Light
Miller Genuine Draft MGD  
Miller Genuine Draft Slo-Filtered  
Miller Regular Sharp's Genuine Draft
Miller Lite Lite Ice  
Miller Lite Large Lite Lite 32
Miller Lite Racing   Donated by George Parham
Miller Reserve Draft Reserve Light Reserve Lager
Millstream Lager    
Milwaukee's Best Large    
Miscellaneous Highland Stout Bison Wheat Wurch&Warnke
Miscellaneous Bavarian Bock Porter Germanie Dark
Miscellaneous Att Amber India Pale Ale Scottish Red Ale
Miscellaneous Ales London Ale Allegheny Cream Ale American Brown Ale
McEwan's Scotch Ale    
McEwan's Export    
Mississippi Mud Black & Tan   Donated by Fred Finch on the occasion of Michael's 50th
Molson Export Ale    
Molson Canadian ?  
Molson Canadian Golden  
Molson Canadian Golden  
Moosehead Canadian Lager    
Morena Malt Beer From Peru  
Moretti La Rossa Birra Dopplomalt  
Moretti Birra Friulana    
Mythos Hellenic Lager 4.7% Alcohol  

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