"It is not so much the investment in the variety as it is in the six pack (or more) required of each to test them."

Brand Style Style Style Link to picture
Natural Light Short Medium Large
Negra Modelo Dark Beer    
Nor'Wester Raspberry Weilen    
Newcastle Brown Ale    
OB Beer Imported    
Obolon Premium (Ukraine)  
O'Doul's Amber    
O'Doul's Premium Amber Premium  
O'Keefe Canadian    
Okocim O.K. Beer    
Olde English Malt Liquor    
Old Growler Special Porter    
Old Peculier (great beer - fef) Theakston brewing co  
Old Scratch Amber Lager Flying dog  
Old Scratch Lager Amber Lager Flying Dog
Old Milwaukee Red    
Pabst Blue Ribbon Large    
Pacifico Clara    
Perry's Majestic    
Peroni Lager   Donated by Curtis & Bernie Gudobba
Pete's Wicked Ale  
Pete's Wicked Lager  
Pete's Wicked Summer Brew Honey Wheat
Pete's Wicked Mardi Gras  
Piedmont Porter    
Piels Light    
Point Special Lager  
Polar Dark Beer Imported  
Pony Express Honey Blonde Ale    
Portland MacTarnahan's Amber Ale   Donated by Jennifer Topping
Port Royal Export    
Presidente Light    
Pyramid Apricot Ale   Donated by Brian Kreiger
Razor Edge Lager Australian Beer  
Red Ass Buckin'A Honey Wheat Ale
Red Devil Ale    
Red Dog Wide mouth Short  
Red Ridge Ale    
Red Stripe Lager    
Red Wolf Lager    
Rhino Chasers American Ale Dark Lager  
Ringers Export    
Rio Cristal Beer  
Road Dog Ale    
Rogue Ale Ale  
Rogue Dead Guy Ale Oregon Brewed  
Rogue Santa's Private Reserve Ale    
Rolling Rock Tall & Short    
Rolling Rock Red Lager    
Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout

(Contributed by
 Fred Finch)

Samuel Smith's Tadcaster Oatmeal Stout  
Samuel Smith's Tadcaster Taddy Porter  
Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale    
Santiago Cerveza De Oro Imported  
Saranac Pale Ale 1888 Black & Tan
Saranac Stout    
Saranac Adirondack Amber India Pale Ale  
Saxer Three Fingers Jack  Stout  
Schlitz Malt Liquor Malt Liquor 40 Large
Sea Dog India pale Ale (Bangor Maine)  
Sierra Nevada Porter    
Silver Thunder Malt Liquor 32    
Simpatico Handcrafted Lager  
Shiner Bock    
Slo Brewing Co Extra Pale Ale    
Sloppy Joe's      
St. Stan's Red Sky Ale Graffiti Wheat  
Steinlager Premium Lager    
Stone IPA     Donated by Anne & Ed Kennedy
Stoney Creek Lager    
Sol Imported  Beer    
Southpaw Light (Tall) Light (short)  
Southwick's Irish Ale (Guinness)  
Souza Diablo   Donated by Beth Stone
Stroh's Bohemian Style    
Stroh's Bohemian Style Beer    
Stroh's Original    
Stroh's Stroh Light    
Stroh's Signature    
Taru Sake         
Tequiza  Extra      
Three Horses Brand      
Thomas Kemper  Weizen Berry      
Thomas Manley ? Bronze Lager  
Tuborg Beer Export Quality    
Tusker  Lager      
Two Hearted Ale     Donated by Joe Blancett on the occasion of Michael's 60th!
Ultimate Weiss Boulder Beer    
Urquel Pilsner    
Victoria Bitter (Austrailia)    
Warsteiner  Premium Verum      
Warsteiner  Premium Verum      
Watneys Cream Stout    
Weihenstephaner Premium Bavaricum    
Wild Boar  Wild Wheat      
Winter Brew  Winter 1990  Michelob?    
Wicked See Pete's      
Woodstock IPA Oak Aged Donated by Jennifer Topping
Wuzburger Hofbrau  Pure Bavarian Beer      
Yuengling Lager    
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