"It is not so much the investment in the variety as it is in the six pack (or more) required of each to test them."

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1979 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Beer  
4077th M*A*S*H Beer  
905 Light  
905 Light  
ABC Malt Liquor  
ABC Premium Beer  
ABC Premium Beer - Aged Garden State Brewing Corp  
AF Base Brau Appleton Foxes Beer  
Appleton Wisc.
Agave Wheat Unfiltered Wheat Ale Brewed with Agave nectar Link to Brewery  
Brewed by Breckenridge Brewery Littleton - Colorado
Breckenridge Brewery has grown from a small brewpub into one of the most successful craft beer and restaurants
Alligator Beer Alligator Brewing Co  
Altes Golden Lager Beer Link to Brewery  
Anchor California Lager Link to Brewery  
Anchor Brewing San Francisco Craft Brewers Since 1896
California's First Genuine Lager Reborne 12 Fluid Ounces 4.9% Alcohol/Volume
Anheuser Busch Natural Light Anheuser Busch  
Apple Beer - Original  
Appleton Foxes Beer - Basebrau-1979 Link to Brewery  
Augustiner Beer  
Aux Arcs Dry Hopped Saison Ale - Limited Release Link to Brewery  
Brewed and Canned in Bucyrus - Missouri by Piney River Brewing Company
In the 1600's French surveyors and cartographers set out to exploring a large chunk of prime real estate later known as the Louisiana Purchase - These explorers named the Northern most bend of the Arkansas River Aux Arcs - which we pronounce Ozark - Aux Arcs means to the top arc which ended up describing all the hills - hollows - forests - plateaus
Avenue Fine Pilsner Beer  
B e - Beer with Something Extra Brewed and Canned by Anheuser-Busch St Louis - Missouri  
Donated by George Parham
Beer with Caffeine - Ginger and Guarana Extract and Natural Flavor 10 Fluid Ounces
Baba - Black Lager Link to Brewery  
Earth, wind and BEER! Uinta Brewing Company brewing world class, full-flavored, craft-brewed beer since 1993 -- Salt Lake City, Utah.
Certified Organic by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Brewed with Renewable Power Contains - Water - Organic Barley Malt - Organic Hops - Yeast
Ballantine Premium Lager Beer  
Bavaria Lager Beer Germany  
Bavarian Beer  
Beamish Irish Stout  
Beck's Beer Vremen Germany  
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