The fourth time, I left from Big Bend to go to Marti Gras in February of 1983. I had met a German that was touring the country on a Harley and a couple from Hawaii on there way to New Orleans for the Marti Gras. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I never did see any of them again, but I picked up a hitch hiker outside San Antonio that was headed to Marti Gras. We stayed in New Orleans, sleeping in the car parked on Canal street (yes, we had to move once before the tow truck got us). We spent $10.00 and stayed drunk or high the whole time. Most of our drinks came from people leaving a bar. There was always no cover charge, but a two drink minimum. We just stood in line outside the bars for those waiting to be handed the leftovers. (The lines were sometimes long, but almost everyone coming out would hand over a drink). It was the best time I've ever had for the least amount of money. Unfortunately, I wanted to get back to Big Bend and I had left with $80.00 and spent $40.00 on gas. I only had $30.00 remaining and knew I would need at least another $10.00 to get back there. I spent eight hours giving plasma for the $10.00 I needed (after being drunk for three days) and then drove for eighteen hours to get back to Big Bend. The hitch hiker returned with me to see what I had been telling him about the place. He hitch hiked out of the Park after giving me the twelve cents (all he had) that he had been carrying with him the whole time. I volunteered for the Park Service and was given a free campsite and the promise of $2.50 a day to eat on. The next day, I met Beth.

The last time I was in New Orleans was with Beth. We toured Jackson Square and the waterfront and left.