I am a friend to Brian and Broughton; my name is Tracy


My opinion is that Brian was a very happy, inquisitive, unprejudiced free-spirit.  May that energy continue to enlighten our thoughts and actions. I believe it is Brian, and others with those traits, that are stronger than others may realize thru their keen sense of recognizant abilities that do not seek to pass judgment against their fellow being.  Their willingness to question others as well as themselves is a trying scientific occupation mostly lacking in appreciation despite its emphasizing education.  This is a positive force that is necessary for life to continue.  Hopefully, his efforts do not go unnoticed or avoided as mere tragedy for he is not gone, only working at a higher position in the sun in order to share what he has already learned without passing a dictatorial interpretation on our quantum DNA.  Now his grand opportunity is to show others that hold his love dear, the brightness within living that may only be grim if we choose misunderstanding and contradiction by living a life based on unquestioned propaganda.


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