Brian Jeffrey Kreiger

September 20, 1976 - December 8, 2003


Brian's Father Mark S. Kreiger was the closest person I had to a sibling when I was struggling to become an adult.

Brian was always somewhat defiant, especially when his family was going to various functions, he would decide that that was when he would cut or dye his hair. Life was a struggle for Brian. He and Ryan Stone fell, or pushed each other, into a lake outside Nashville, TN. Mark and Virginia and family were camping and I was taking Ryan to Florida for the summer.

Brian struggled with college, but finally graduated from Baylor University in Waco, TX in August of 2003.

Death was no less a struggle. The doctors did all they could to bring him back and the parents found solace in Isaiah 38: 1-3

Mark was able to convince 15 individuals to accept Jesus into their lives through Brian's struggle for life and death. 

Mike Stone

Contributions may be made to the Diabetes Society in Brian's name

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