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Friday March 1, 1985 - We left Independence, MO at 9:30 a.m. and dropped off the van at Forsyth Travel Library. We then took I-35 and Hwy 56 to Cimarron, KS arriving at Kathy J's about 5:00 p.m. We had a delicious dinner at Pat Mier's and spent the night.

Saturday March 2, 1985 - We left Cimarron, KS (134,344 miles on the odometer) at 9:00 a.m. and headed south on Hwy 23 to Hwy 54 through Amarillo, TX. We stopped for the night at Gaines County Park between Seagraves and Seminole, TX on Hwy 385. There were no other campers, but a cute little black puppy. The night was windy and Michael was nervous.

Sunday March 3, 1985 - We broke camp at 8:15 and took Hwy 385 south toward Big Bend National Park. We stopped in Fort Stockton, TX for groceries and arrived at campsite #53 in the Basin Campground at 3:00 p.m. (It had been windy and hot driving).

March 4, 1985

It was a beautiful warm, still night last night. A family of three deer outside our tent door.

Today we hiked the Lost Mine Trail and did some further (6 miles) exploring up there. Sunny and 70 degrees, chilly wind. We have sunburned faces.

March 5, 1985

Hiked over Window Trail to Cattail Falls. Stopped to talk with some hikers from Southfield, Michigan. Stopped at Window Falls. No Columbine yet at Cattail Falls. Beautiful sunny clear day and hot.

March 6, 1985

We hiked 4.5 miles to Emory Peak, windy and slightly hazy but sunny and beautiful. We continued to Boot Spring and west half of South Rim then back to camp via Laguna Meadows Trail. A total of 15 miles and we were hurting.

March 7, 1985

We stayed in camp and got more sunburn, packed up our gear for tomorrows hike and went to a nature walk at Panther junction. We watched Peccaries around our camp.

March 8, 1985

We took down camp and hit the Pinnacles Trail to Boot Spring and saw 6 deer at the Ranger Station while getting our permit. The Juniper Canyon Trail was agonizing. Straight down with loose rock. Our packs were heavy and we were aching all over when we reached a level spot to set up camp. It took about 4 hours altogether, 2 hours from Boot Spring. We hiked down to Juniper Canyon Road after dropping off our gear. 

March 9, 1985

We slept good and it was a beautiful clear night. We watched two bucks all morning on the next ridge over as we prepared our breakfast and took down camp. The trail back was steep but easier. We made it to Boot Spring in 2 hours and decided to camp there. We boiled our drinking water and a ranger came by to check our permit.

March 10, 1985

We hiked down from Boot Canyon. There were no vacant sites in the Basin Campground, so we washed up and drove down to Cottonwood Campground and found a barren sunny site. We put up the tent, unloaded our gear, and headed for Ojinaga (135,098 miles). We stopped at LaKiva Bar in Terlingua. We had dinner in Ojinaga at the La Fogata and spent the night in Rohana Motel. ($12.20)

March 11, 1985


Beth lay awake most of the night worried about the car parked out on the Ojinaga street. It was still in one piece in the morning. We went to the bakery for "pig cookies", bought a blanket and a few groceries. We drove back to Presidio, Texas for gas and more groceries and then back to our camp at Cottonwood in the hot afternoon. We went to Santa Elena Canyon, lots of noisy people, but cool shade. We talked to our neighbors from Michigan, who were leaving the next morning, and we would move into their shady campsite.

March 12, 1985

An animal, probably a ring tail, got in our food box  and ate most of our bread last night. It was a beautiful starry night. We moved to new shady site at dawn. We hiked the Top of Burro Mesa Pour-off Trail and the bottom of same in the morning. We stayed in camp during the afternoon. We saw wet bat down by the river, looked lost and sick trying to crawl around on the ground. We watched a woodpecker in our cottonwood tree tap-tapping all day and a Great Horned Owl in a nearby tree hooting at dusk.

March 13, 1985

We hiked the Apache Canyon Trail. It was cloudy and windy - kept us cool. Pretty desert scenery and colorful reds and oranges in the canyon. (About 8 miles round trip) Very windy back at camp in the afternoon, windy night.

March 14, 1985

We left camp by 7:00 to move down to Rio Grande Village Campground on the eastern side of the Park. No problem finding a site though Park has been full. We did laundry and went to Boquious Canyon for lunch. Windy and cool, but pleasant. We walked the Rio Grande Village Nature Trail. We had bunny rabbits in our campsite #31, went to bed early. It rained during the night.

March 15, 1985

It was still raining this morning, slight but steady. We broke camp and went to Basin Campground. There was no electricity anywhere in the Park. We couldn't leave until we got our mail at 11:30, meanwhile, we parked at vacant campsite #53. We left, sadly, at 1:00 PM after mail and lunch. The electricity was back on so we could get gas at Panther Junction. We drove east on highway 90, stopping in Langtry, Texas and touring the Judge Roy Bean Bar & Museum, to Seminole Canyon State Park. We arrived at 6:00 Pm, cloudy and cool all day. We had hot showers.

 March 16, 1985

We left camp before 7:00 AM and fixed breakfast at the Pecos River overlook 1 mile from camp. Very wet foggy morning. Campground was open and noisy with kids and dog. We had a nice breakfast view, flocks of Turkey Vultures on the bridge and in the air. We took a 7 mile hike to the Rio Grande River at Seminole Canyon State Park. We saw Indian Pictographs and forget-me-nots on the trail. We had lunch in the parking lot, then drove to Del Rio, Texas. The campground was ugly so we decided to go on to San Antonio.

March 17, 1985

We had arrived in Sa Antonio, Texas at Mark Kreiger's about 6:00 pm the night before. Mark was home, but the family was away for the weekend.

Mark took us on a tour of San Antonio. River Walk, where we took a river boat ride, the  Alamo, the Texas Culture Museum, and Market Place. We had lunch at Mi Tierra. Nice day, partly cloudy and mild, 60 degrees. We watched a movie, The Natural, in the evening.

March 18, 1985

We stayed at Marks, he was at work, and watched soaps and went grocery shopping. Men came to plant trees. We cooked dinner outside.

 March 19, 1985

We hung around the house again. Virginia and Jenny came home around 6:00 pm from Midland, Texas. We had pizza and stayed up until midnight talking.

March 20, 1985

We were up at 8:00 am and had coffee and blueberry muffins with Virginia. It was a beautiful clear blue sunny sky. Mark came home for lunch and then we left about 1:00 pm. We drove up Highway 281 to the LBJ National Historic Site. We camped at Inks Lake State Park where it rained hard at dinner time, then stopped.

March 21, 1985

We were up at 6:00 am, overcast and cool. Saw three deer while having breakfast. We took down camp and left by 7:15 am, lots of deer in the area. We stopped at Longhorn Caverns State Park but didn't want to pay $8.00 fee to see it. We drove around all day, overcast and cool. Stopped at Meridian State Park and took a short hike. We stopped at Dinosaur Valley State Park but didn't see any footprints in the river due to high water. We camped at Cleburn State Park.

March 22, 1985

Dogs barked all night. The sun shone in the morning. We left camp at 7:30 am and drove East and then South on Texas Highway 14. We stopped at Fort Parker, beautiful sunny day, scenery not so pretty, but lots of Blue Bonnets and Indian Paint Brush along roads. It was a long day in the car getting to Austin, Texas. We finally arrived about 4:00 pm (136,607 miles). We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant with Bill and Lil and Debbie and Broughton.

March 23, 1985

Bill and Lil took us for a drive around Austin. We stopped at the Oasis overlooking Lake Travis for drinks and snacks. Another beautiful day. We went for a 6 mile walk along the Colorado River in City Park.

March 24, 1985

We went to Hyde Park Baptist Church with Bill and Lil. Took another walk along the Colorado River and washed the car. Debbie and Broughton came for dinner.

 March 25, 1985

We left Bill and Lil's and went to LaNell and Charlie's, had lunch and visited all afternoon. Their son Charles and his wife came for steak dinner.

March 26, 1985

We had a delicious big breakfast and spent the morning looking through photo albums. Overcast and cool, fixed sandwiches with leftovers and headed East about 1:00 pm. The scenery was beautiful along Highway 71 around LaGrange, Texas. The flowers were gorgeous, we camped at Stublefield National Forest Campground in Sam Houston National Forest. (136,820 miles).

March 27, 1985

Tall Pines here. It rained at least 2" overnight. The tent floor was wet, journal soaked! Dismal most of the day. We stayed in the tent and played Scrabble. The sun came out for awhile in the afternoon and we took a walk. We stayed here again this night.

March 28,1985

We broke camp at 9:00 am and drove East to Livingston by Big Thicket area, but saw nothing of interest. Headed South to the Johnson Space Center and toured from 2:00 - 4:30 pm. We then drove to Brazos Bend State Park. There were lots of deer at dusk, pretty park. This was the first campground we had pulled into where there were signs warning about alligators. We were awakened in the night by loud crashes and what we thought were thrashing noises only to discover it was a raccoon in the trash can.

March 29, 1985

We broke camp at 9:00 and left for Houston, Texas. We arrived in Houston at 11:00 and met Linda Verline for lunch at the Hyatt at 12:30. Paid $1.00 per half hour for parking. Nice lunch, Mexican food and margaritas. We left at 2:30 headed north and camped at Martin Dies Jr. State Park on highway 190. Nice breeze off lake kept mosquitoes away, some rain during the night.

March 30, 1985

We broke camp at 8:30 am and drove out of Texas through Leesville and up into Kitatchie National Forest. Overcast with some light showers but some patches of pleasant sun. We enjoyed the area around Dogwood Campground. The dogwood was blooming in the forest. Azaleas bloomed in yards. We camped at Stuart Lake Campground. Rainy and not so pretty, ate supper in the car.

March 31, 1985

Chilly morning, but dry. Blue sky and sunshine. We broke camp at 10:30 and drove to Jena, Louisiana. We stayed with Mary and Mitch. She fixed a big lunch and we visited all day. Myrtle Marie came over in the evening.



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