Honeymoon Story

April, 1985

Storms Never Last - Lyrics by Waylon Jennings
Performed by Dr. Hook


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April 1, 1985

We left Jena, Louisiana at 10:30 after a big breakfast with Mary and Mitch. We bought Community Coffee at Kendricks store and drove to Natchez, Mississippi. There were large Antebellum Mansions with lots of azaleas in bloom. We drove south on highway 61 to Baton Rouge, then east on I-12 to Fairview Riverside State Park. The park was full of RV's but quiet with pretty magnolia and pine trees. Peacocks cried in the campground.

April 2, 1985

We broke camp about 9:45 and drove across causeway to New Orleans. Pretty sunshiny day! We had coffee and beignets at Cafe DeMond and walked around from 11:00 to 1:30, got parking ticket. We headed out east on I-10 to 49 north and camped at Big Biloxi Campground in the DeSoto National Forest. Pretty river, but chilly night with bright moon.

 April 3,1985

Birds woke us up at 6:30 am. We drove along the coast and stopped in Gulfport, Mississippi at Gulf Islands National Seashore. A beautiful day and a nice visitors center. Saw a black snake. We stopped in Pensacola, Florida and toured the Naval Air Museum and Ft. Barracus, then headed east on highway 98. We drove north and hit I-10 to Tallahassee and camped at Silver Lake Campground in National Forest. We put up the tent in the dark (9:30), pretty moon.

April 4, 1985

Nice campground. We took a walk around the lake and left about 11:00 am. We arrived Anne's via I-10, I-75, 17, and 44 about 5:00 pm.

April 5, 6 and 7, 1985

We spent rainy days at Anne's and enjoyed a visit  with her son Carl on Saturday. On Easter Sunday, we went to the First Presbyterian Church in DeLand, Florida. It was a beautiful service, excellent sermon and music.

April 8, 9, and 10, 1985

On Monday the 8th of April, we drove to The Kennedy Space Center and toured the facilities. We saw alligators, bald eagle nests and great blue herons.

We stayed at Anne's Tuesday and Wednesday, took a 10 mile hike in the Ocala National Forest on Tuesday.

April 11 and 12, 1985

On Thursday we left Anne's and drove to Bradenton, Florida. We spent a couple of hours on the beach and stopped at the Sandbar Restaurant on Anna Maria Island and the Pier Restaurant on the Manatee River in Bradenton where Beth had worked in 1977.

We spent the night and the next day at Beth's Dad's in Sugar Creek Campground east of Bradenton. It was rainy on Friday.

April 13, 1985

We left Bradenton and drove to Ft. Pierce, Florida to visit Loretta.

April 14, 1985

Loretta took us to the beach on the Atlantic side and we swam in the ocean.

April 15, 16, 17, 18, 1985

We left Ft. Pierce on Monday the 15th and drove to Palm Beach, Florida and spent the next three days there with Curtis.

April 19, 1985

Beths Mother and Ann arrived at Curtis's about 4.00 pm and we all went to the beach.

April 20, 1985

We drove to Lantana to see where Curtis works, then toured the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach. Curtis showed us her new house.

April 21, 1985

We went to Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge with Curtis, Delta, Anne, Doris, Alan, Charles, and Ian. We road an air boat and saw an alligator baby being snatched away by a Great Blue Heron. We had lunch at Doris' and drove back to Palm Beach from Boca Raton. Anne left to go back to Lake Helen. The landlord brought over an injured owl.

April 22, 1985

We spent the day in Palm Beach.

April 23, 1985

We left Curtis' with Delta and drove up I-95. We stopped at Ft. Pierce and had lunch with Loretta and Ursula. We arrived at Anne's around 5:00 pm.

April 24,1985

We went to Epcot after dropping Delta at the Orlando Airport. It was a beautiful day! Exhausting but fabulous. We spent 10 hours touring Epcot and Disney.

April 25, 1985

We spent the day with Anne and went to Blue Springs State Park where we saw owl, alligator, eel, and a hawk nest.

April 27, 1985

There were raccoons in the neighbors food last night. We hiked 4 miles through the dunes and beach and saw four tortoises in their burrows. Beautiful wide undeveloped beach. We laid out for 2 hours and swam. We broke camp at 2:00 pm and drove north on I-95. We camped at Ft. McAllister State Park and saw a movie about small game hunting. There were unbearable sand gnats upon our arrival in the late afternoon, and lots of other pesky bugs, too.

April 28, 1985

We broke camp at 9:00 am and drove to Savannah, Georgia and walked around until 11:00 then drove up highway 17 to Charleston, South Carolina. Rained a little. Pretty city. We headed north on highway 41 through the Francis Marion National Forest and camped at Guilliard Lake Campground. It was beautiful and secluded, no other campers and lots of birds singing, bullfrogs croaking, and fish jumping.

April 29, 1985

We spent another night at Guilliard Lake and drove to Andrews, South Carolina for money. We took another walk around the lake and discovered that it flowed in and out with the tide. The Santee River was just a short distance through the woods. A "galloping" black snake passed us and we saw a beige/bronze viper type snake along the path. The air was full of the smell of honeysuckle and hummingbirds abounded. There were tall cypress trees on our walk to the river.

April30, 1985


Hear the birds


We recorded the bird symphony and broke camp at 9:00 am. We drove to Moore's Landing but the ferry wasn't running to Bulls Island so we drove to the Sand hill Wildlife Refuge, then west and camped in the Santee National Forest. Finally saw some hill country with the whippoorwills calling on the Broad River.



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