Honeymoon Story

June, 1985

Storms Never Last - Lyrics by Waylon Jennings
Performed by Dr. Hook


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June 9, 1985

The Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church held a concert performed by the Manhattan, Kansas High School Band. The Strawberry Festival at church was held indoors because of rain and we played darts and bingo. Michael took Jennifer to see the movie "Rambo" in the afternoon.

June 10 thru 15, 1985

We went to the church baseball game - they won 14 to 7. and Ryan spent the night with Scott Ramsey. On the 11th, Scott and Ryan played together at Pauline’s. We took pizza fixins to the Ramsey’s for dinner and played spades. On Friday the 14th, Pauline took us and John Oliver to dinner at the Rockwood Country club smorgasbord with Al the Whites. The next day, we went to a swimming party at the Oberlander’s with the Ramsey’s, Stouffers, Stilleys, and Lyngars.

June 16, 1985

We left Independence, Missouri with Ryan and Jennifer at 6:00 am and drove to Colorado Springs, Colorado. At 6:00 pm, we were swimming in the Palmer House pool where Kate Dingman worked. We all spent the night with Kate.

June 17, 1985

Michael left Colorado Springs with Ryan and Jennifer at 8:45, Beth stayed with Kate. Michael and the kids drove to Sand Dunes National Monument where they played in the sand and creek, and hiked 2 miles round trip trail from the Pinyon Flats Campground to the Mesas Pass Trail. They went to a Ranger talk that evening.

June 18, 1985

Michael and the kids departed Sand Dunes National Monument at 8:00 am and drove to Mesa Verde National Park, arriving about 1:30 pm. They set up camp at Morfield Campground and toured the museum and Spruce Tree House Ruin. They went to a movie about prehistoric man in the amphitheater and also toured Far View Ruins and enjoyed the majesty of Park Point.

June 19, 1985

Michael and the kids took a bus trip from the visitors center and toured Wetherill and Step House, for 4 hours. In the afternoon, they toured the Mesa Top Ruins by car. The kids were too tired to tour the Balconies (the best ruins), but they saw 25 deer on the way to a Ranger talk.

June 20, 1985

Michael and the kids were up at 7:00 am and drove to Gunnison National Monument. It was a beautiful drive from Durango, Colorado to Ouray, Colorado. They took a driving tour through the park and enjoyed the beautiful canyon. They camped at Campfire Circle Campground and the kids fed the chipmunks and ground squirrels. They also met another family that had followed their same route from Colorado Springs.

June 21, 1985

Michael and the kids broke camp at 6:30 am (144,975 miles) and drove to Colorado Springs. They swam in the Palmer House pool and we all had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant.

June 22, 1985

Kate Dingman was our tour guide to the Cave of the Winds, Garden of the Gods, Ponderosa Inn, and The Air Force Academy. We had Italian Sausage sandwiches for super.

June 23, 1985

We all went on a bus tour of Pikes Peak. Beth and Michael left Colorado Springs with Jennifer and Ryan (145,329 miles) and drove to Lake Dillon. We camped at Giberson Bay Campground.

June 24, 1985

We toured the Keystone Plaza area (Beth had worked at Keystone before meeting Michael). We took the gondola ride to the top of Keystone Mountain and drove over Loveland Pass to Georgetown, Colorado. We took the narrow gauge train ride and Lebanon Mine tour, then drove back to camp on I-70 through the Eisenhower Tunnel. Some rain. We had a camp fire and roasted hot dogs.

June 25, 1985

We broke camp and drove west on I-70 to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The traffic was held up in Glenwood Canyon where they were widening the road. Michael and the kids swam in the Hot Springs Pool. We continued on through Rifle, Colorado up to Meeker, Colorado then west. We camped in pouring rain at Rio Blanco Lake State Fish & Wildlife Area. Very muddy. We sponged up lots of water leaks in the small tent. 

June 26, 1985

We were up early to spatters of rain mixed with semi-cloudy skies. We broke camp and drove to Dinosaur National Monument. We set up camp at Split Mountain Campground (everything was wet) and toured the quarry area. Michael and the kids drove into Vernal, Utah and toured the Natural History Museum. Beth spent a quiet afternoon enjoying the beautiful campsite on the Green River. We all took a 2 mile walk after super and saw a ranger program on a raft trip down the Green River.

June 27, 1985

Beth fixed a pancake breakfast. Ryan was up early to play with a new friend from two campsites down. We broke camp to drive to the canyon junction of the Green and Yampa Rivers. The ranger at the entrance station had mentioned that the Mormon Crickets were migrating. The herd must have been three miles wide, four inch long brown crickets. We made it to the junction but had had to use the wipers to keep the windshield clear. Their guts were a half inch thick on the sides of the car and very smelly. We didn't stay long at the overlook, and drove back through the migration on the way out. We passed a white mustang going toward the swarm with the top down. We drove highway 40 through Craig and Steamboat Springs and camped at Toponas Creek Campground in the Routt National Forest. Beth took a solitary two mile one way hike and saw a momma bear and her black cub. We had a nice smoky campfire of "quaky" trees.

June 28, 1985

This morning was cold, frosty even. We broke camp and drove to Rocky Mountain National Park via Kremmling and Granby. We camped at Timber Creek Campground and walked through Never Summer Ranch, then drove up to the Alpine Visitors Center and walked out on high tundra point. We took a 2 mile roundtrip hike up to "crater' at Specimen Mountain and saw a herd of Big Horn Sheep (walked through a lot of snow). We went to an excellent ranger talk in the evening.

 June 29, 1985

We drove to Adams Falls Trail for a ranger tour and learned a lot. We went on an afternoon ranger tour of Shepler Cabins on Tidy City Trail. After supper, we walked to Never Summer Ranch. We saw Elk, but the kids scared them away. We went to a ranger talk in the evening.

June 30, 1985

After an 8:30 interdenominational church service, we broke camp and drove over trail ridge road and heard a brief ranger talk on Big Horn Sheep at Sheep's Lake. We had lunch beside the roaring river. At 1:30 we listened to a boring ranger talk on geology. We drove south out of the park through Denver and camped at Bonny Reservation in Eastern Colorado.




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