Honeymoon Story

July, 1985

Storms Never Last - Lyrics by Waylon Jennings
Performed by Dr. Hook


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July 1, 1985

We broke camp early and drove east on I-70. The water pump went out 7 miles west of Russell, Kansas. We celebrated Ryans birthday in the parking lot of the garage in Russell. We arrived in Independence, Missouri around 8:00 pm. Carolyn picked up Jennifer. Pauline wasn't home.

July 2, 1985

Michael took Ryan home to pick up his new bicycle and Pauline arrived with Bill and Lil Kreiger. We spent the next couple of days in Independence.

July 5, 1985

We left at 7:00 am (147,114 miles) for Michigan with Ryan’s bicycle racked on the front of the car. We took I-70 East to I-69 North and camped at Little Turtle State Recreation Area in Indiana.

July 6, 1985

We broke camp and drove the 5 hours to Rochester, Michigan, arriving at noon. Beth helped her Mother clean out the eaves of the house while Ryan began to learn how to ride his bike. 

July 7, 1985

We attended Paint Creek Methodist Church. Beth cleaned her Moms living room in the afternoon and Jo and Dick came over for a cook-out.

July 8, 1985

Beth cleaned the bathroom and we went to Knapp’s for lunch. We relaxed and visited during the next several days

July 12,1985

Beth spent 5 hours in Paint Creek clearing a jam of brush. A crawfish went up her pant leg and she let out a blood curdling scream. Everyone ran to her aid, but ended up with a big laugh. Michael laid concrete slabs in the shed.

July 14, 1985

We left Deltas at 10:30 and drove to Saginaw, Michigan where we stopped and visited with J. L. and Maureen Greer, Michael’s cousin. We drove to Gladwin, Michigan, after a pleasant visit and camped at Trout Lake. It was a hot and humid day, we went for a swim in House Lake. We went to visit Wendall and Helen after supper. Wendall wasn't home, but we had a campfire with Helen.

July 15, 1985

A mouse had made a nest in the camp stove. Wendall came by in the morning and we picked up the canoe and put it in Hoister Lake. Beth ran while Michael and Ryan swung on a rope swing. Ryan and Michael canoed Hoister and Trout Lake (the first canoeing for both). We had dinner at Wendall and Helens and played cards.

July 16, 1985

The mouse had made another nest in the camp stove! It was a lazy day. More canoeing. Too cool for swimming. We hiked the trail around Hoister Lake and picked blueberries. Wendall and Helen came for hot dogs and Wendall drove us to Beaver Dam.

July 17, 1985

We broke camp (148,326 miles) and drove north to Hartwig Pines. Then on to Mackinac City and camped at Wilderness State Park. Zooie!! Bumper to bumper campsites! Ugh. Michael and Ryan went to Mackinac Island.

July 18, 1985

We broke camp and drove south on highway 22 to Petosky and Traverse City, Michigan. We bought black cherries and enjoyed the pretty scenery at Peterson Park and Fisherman's Island State Park. We had lunch at Traverse City State Park and camped at D.H. Day Campground in Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. We walked along the beach to an old Coast Guard Station and went to a ranger talk about animals in the park.

July 19, 1985

We broke camp and drove through the Empire Bluff Scenic Drive and stopped for lunch at Frankfort, Michigan. It was a beautiful day and Ryan went for a swim. We stopped to see Verne and Anne in Onekama, Michigan and camped at Benton Lake Campground in the Manistee National Forest. It was a pretty lake and we picked raspberries and had a big campfire.

July 20, 1985

We broke camp and drove back to Deltas' in Rochester, Michigan where we spent the next week visiting. 

July 28, 1985

We went to the Paint Creek Methodist Church. Delta fixed chicken and dumplings for Beth's' birthday dinner.

July 29 & 30, 1985 was spent clearing the sides of Paint Creek

July 31, 1985

We left (149,219 miles) Rochester, Michigan to return to Independence, Missouri and camped at Leiber State Park in Indiana.





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