Honeymoon Story

August, 1985

Storms Never Last - Lyrics by Waylon Jennings
Performed by Dr. Hook


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August 1, 1985

It had rained hard most of the night. We were up at 4:00 am (Michael had set the watch forward instead of back) and took down camp in the dark and drove west. We arrived in Independence, Missouri (150,050 miles) about 2: 00 pm. It was a cold day, 68 degrees.

August 2, 1985

We spent the evening with the Stauffers.

August 3, 1985

We had a picnic with the Stauffers at the Ramseys.

August 4, 1985

It rained in the morning. We went to church at Blue Ridge Presbyterian and took Ryan home in the afternoon. Beth and Michael went to Chi Chis Restaurant.

August 5, 1985

We left Independence, Missouri and drove to Competition, Missouri where we celebrated Beth’s' Birthday with cake and ice cream. 

August 7, 1985

We left Competition, Missouri (150,335 miles) and drove east on I-44 to I-64. HOT DAY! We drove through some beautiful hilly farm country in southern Indiana and camped in the Hoosier National Forest at North Face Campground on Celina Lake. Nice spot.

August 8, 1985

We broke camp at 8:00 am after a hot shower and drove east on I-64 through Louisville, Kentucky. It was a hazy morning, but we enjoyed the beautiful hill country between Charleston and Clarksburg, West Virginia. We camped at Coopes Rock State Forest in McCullen Campground and took a walk to the Cheat River overlook. Saw one pretty deer.

August 9, 1985

We broke camp at 7:30 and drove east on highway 40 and 48 to I-81 north. A lot of road construction slowed us down. Central Pennsylvania was quite pretty. New York highway 12 was pretty around Oxford. We camped at Broman Lake State Park. It was a bad site with noisy close neighbors.

August 10, 1985

We had a leisurely morning after our jog and broke camp at 10:00 am. We drove through gorgeous countryside up to Utica, New York and followed highway 12 and 28 into the Adirondacks. We drove into Moose River Recreation Area and found a secluded site with a huge wood supply neatly piled. Quiet, no birds singing. We had a nice fire.

August 11, 1985

It was a rainy morning. We had another fire before taking down the wet tent at 10:00 am and broke camp for our drive through Long Lake, Lake Tupper and Lake Placid, New York. We had lunch at Saranac Lake, pretty views everywhere. We took the ferry over to Vermont and into the Green Mountains National Forest where we camped at Moosalamoo. It was a good site and we had a fire.

August 12, 1985

We were up at 8:00 am, jogged and had a pancake breakfast. We drove to Robert Frost Wayside and through Rochester, Vermont and back to the campsite on highway 73. We hiked to the top of Mt. Moosalamoo, very little view, but a nice hike (5 miles round trip). We had an early dinner and a campfire.

August 13, 1985

We broke camp and went to Silver Lake where we hiked to Lulu Falls. We then drove through Middlebury and over Lincoln Gap through Waitsfield and Marshfield and camped in Groton State Forest at New Discovery Campground. We walked around the pond (lake) there and picked enough blueberries for a pancake breakfast in the morning.

August 14, 1985

We broke camp, after having a yummy blueberry pancake breakfast, and drove through St. Johnsburry, New Hampshire and into Maine. We saw a church on fire in Lewiston and arrived in Brunswick, Maine about 2:00 pm. We tried calling Meb to no avail and drove on out to Orr's Island and inquired at the pizza place for directions to Meb's. We found her house, then found her on the shore.

August 15, 1985

Meb took us to Vienna, Maine to get blueberries (40 lbs). We stayed with Meb until the 20th of August.

August 21, 1985

We left Meb's (152,369 miles) and headed for Nova Scotia via Highway 1. We drove out to Acadia National Park for a quick look and went to the top of Cadillac Mountain, beautiful views. We continued on and camped at Cobscook State Park at the far eastern tip of Maine on a beautiful bay. Extreme tide recession in the morning.

August 22, 1985

We broke camp and drove into New Brunswick, Canada. We had seen two eagles soaring above Highway 1 while still in Maine. It was along drive across the province into Nova Scotia. We camped at Wentworth Provincial Park.

August 23, 1985

There was a heavy rain all night and the tent floor was sopping wet! We broke camp and drove in some rain and cloudy weather down the eastern shore of Nova Scotia and across to Kejimkujik National Park. We took several short hikes in the afternoon and especially liked Peter Point. We saw many deer along the trail and porcupines along the road.

August 24, 1985

It was an extremely noisy campsite with people partying till 2:00 am. One lost camper was hollering for his campsite at 4:00 am. We were up at 9:00 am, took hot showers and got a camping permit for a distant site. We hiked for 4 hours to campsite #44 and saw 7 deer, 1 owl and 1 porcupine. The campsite was right on the trail but quiet with bubbling brook, pit toilet, wood supply, fire grate and a picnic table.

August 25, 1985

We were up at 6:30 after a quiet peaceful night and hiked 3-1/2 hours back to the car. We saw 2 porcupines and 1 owl that whistled at us. We drove north and camped at Whycocomagh Provincial Park on a nice grassy hill overlooking Bras d' Or Lake. 

August 26, 1985

Broke camp. Overcast most all day. We drove into Cape Breton Highlands National Park and hiked the Skyline trail. There were beautiful views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the rugged coastline. The sun came out and there were loads of blueberries. We got a permit and hiked to Fishing Cove Campground (5 miles). Wonderful cove with six other tents.

August 27, 1985

We slept good to the sound of rolling surf and were up early to climb the cliff to look for whales. We didn't see any whales but watched two loons looking for their breakfast. Fishing Cove River flows into the ocean there with a natural rock dam keeping the salt water out of the river. We talked to a fellow camper that told us that the Red River to Pollett Cove trail was the best in Nova Scotia. We broke camp and hiked out 2-1/2 hours. It was overcast and we drove through the park to Broad Cove Campground.

August 28, 1985

It rained hard most of the night and everything was soaking wet. We took down the tent in the pouring rain and drove out of Nova Scotia to Chigneeto Campground in Fundy National Park in New Brunswick. The weather partially cleared in the afternoon and we explored to Point Wolfe by car. We saw where Peregrine Falcons were being released by the park. There was a beautiful, almost full, moon over Nova Scotia. It started to sprinkle at the ranger program. so we left and saw lots of deer and three peregrines. Canada National Parks provide wood for fires.

August 29, 1985

It was windy and chilly last night but the skies were clear blue this morning. We hiked Coppermine Trail and Mathews Head Trail. Gorgeous views. We moved camp to Bennett Lake Campground and hiked to the far end of the lake where we saw beaver and two moose. It was a very wet trail. We watched the full moon rise over the lake. A ranger made us extinguish our campfire. It was a very cold night, frosty in the morning, and we had heard coyotes in the night.

August 30, 1985

We broke camp (153,995 miles) and drove back to Meb's in Orr's Island, Maine.





(To Be Continued)


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