Some of Ed Kennedy's Cars

Grandpa Ed

Ed bought this Charger new for his second wife and maintained it over the years. He took it to this last show before giving it to his daughter.

Anne and Ed made their first trip to Alaska in this 19'78 Ford with their homebuilt camper. They left from Michigan and drove round trip through Canada. Ed said there wre only three roads through Northwest Canada that he didn't follow to the end. After that trip, the Ford was retired to the desert near Las Vegas where Ed could fly out and use it to explore his favorite spots, Death Valley and Big Bend.

Anne and Ed made their second trip to Alaska in their Ford Aerostar on the ferry through the Inside Passage and back throgh Canada. The brakes went out on the way back, couldn't find parts, but were able to cross the brake lines and use one front brake and one back break. Ed said his only frightening moment was coming up on a heard of Caribou crossing the road.

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