Post M & M

Marjorie and I got married, filed for bankruptcy and moved within a month. After the bankruptcy, we traded the '69 Oldsmobile for a '75 Datsun B210 Honey Bee.

I recall one episode in the Datsun. I was returning from a visit to Competition, Missouri with my son Ryan.
Just outside of Lowery City, Missouri, the fan came off and went through the radiator. There I was stranded on a Sunday with a 9 month old. There were not a lot of cars on the road. I stood on the side of the road with Ryan in his car seat though, and it didn't take long for someone to stop. There happened to be a radiator repair shop a couple of blocks down the road. The passerby helped me push the Datsun to the shop, which of course, was closed. There was a pay phone outside the shop and I was able to contact Marjorie at her work. She got a hold of a neighbor and he drove down to get us in his Porsche 924. The next day I was able to contact the radiator shop and they had the Datsun repaired in a week.
When Jennifer, Marjorie's daughter, was interested in basketball, I hauled a telephone pole in the back of the Datsun in order to put up a goal. The pole stuck out the back a long way (actually went from the dashboard out through the back hatch) and caused the Datsun to sag in the rear, but I made it home and got the basketball goal erected.
I bought a 1973 Plymouth Valiant just to have an extra vehicle on hand.
Had to do some undercarriage work on it, but only had about $1500.00 in it.
In 1982, Marjorie and I traded the Datsun for a new Mazda 626.
The Mazda had a split rear seat that folded down and gave one access to the trunk. It was good for smuggling children into Drive-in Theaters.
In January of 1983, I left Marjorie on foot with $10.00 in my pocket. It had been a stressful relationship and I didn't feel that I had any other choice.
I walked to the shop where the '76 Volvo was being tuned and drove away in it. The Volvo was paid for. That left Marjorie with the Plymouth and the Mazda and a couple weeks of my pay. I also took the $600.00 we had in the bank. The most difficult part of the decision was having to leave Ryan with Marjorie. Jennifer was living with her Dad at the time.
I had no idea where to go and thought I would drive until the money was gone and just walk from wherever that was. I bought some groceries and some camping gear. It took me a couple of days to really get on with leaving. I would watch the house from afar until I was sure that I was doing the right thing for all concerned.