The "Meeting"




Beth drove back to Bradenton from Tarpon Springs to leave her car at her Dad's place in Sugar Creek Trailer park. Rod, Joan, Rose and John sailed from Tarpon Springs and picked her up off Long Boat Key at 6:30 PM. She waded into the serf and was picked up by the skiff from the Columbine (39 ft sail boat owned and operated by Rod & Joan Kennen). They motored all night (no Wind) and stopped at Boca Grande around 10:00 AM the next day.

Friday January 14th 1983

They spent an hour hunting shells on Cayo Costa then sailed all night on terribly rolling seas. She and Rod were both sick. The boat was rocking its contents back and forth frantically. Saturday the 15th Michael left Kansas City, MO.
Arrived at Dry Tortugas about 3:30 PM. What a relief to get out of the rocking seas. The water was crystal clear and a beautiful shade of aqua. The total trip from Tarpon Springs was 195 miles in 31 hours. Sunday January 16th  
Explored Fort Jefferson National Monument and swam in the warmish Gulf waters. Sunned on beautiful sand, not many shells there. Monday the 17th  
chilly & windy Tuesday the 18th  
yucky boring day. Wednesday the 19th,  
Still anchored at Dry Tortugas. Nasty weather all day - cloudy, windy. A tropical depression went through with 40 mph winds and torrential rain. Beth managed to wash her hair and soap off in the rain. Water leaked into the boat and got everything wet. Thursday the 20th Michael arrived in Witchita, KS.
  Monday, January 24th, 1983 Michael camped at Monahans State Park, TX
  Tuesday, January 25th, 1983 Michael arrived Midland, TX
  Tuesday, February 1st, 1983 Michael arrived Big Bend National Park, TX
Beth left Florida. Sunday, February 6th, 1983
  Saturday, February 12th, 1983 Michael left Big Bend for the Mardi Gras, New Orleans, LA.
Beth met her ex-husband, Jim, in Dallas, TX. Sunday, February 13th Story of Mike's adventures in New Orleans
Upon leaving Jim, Beth decided to have nothing further to do with men! Wednesday, February 16th, 1983 Michael left New Orleans, LA for Big Bend National Park, TX
Beth went back to Dallas, TX Thursday, February 17th, 1983 Michael arrived back in Big Bend and camped at Government Springs Campground.
Beth camped at Monahans State Park, TX. Friday, February 18th, 1983 While wondering around in the desert before I met Beth, I was reading "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Dr. Joseph Murphy.
Beth arrived at Big Bend National Park, TX and camped at Rio Grande Village campground. Saturday, February 19th, 1983
I had begun to dream of a curly headed brown eyed girl, or maybe it was my imagination, anyway, a couple of days prior to meeting Beth, I had gotten thirsty for a beer. I was hiking a good distance from anywhere in the heat of the day and thinking how good a cold beer would taste. Ten steps later I stumbled over five cans of beer that someone had dropped. I thought that was miraculous, but it sure would be better cold. Then I found the ice.
Beth moved into site #54 at the Basin campground. (Pictures) Monday, February 21st, 1983 Michael reserved site #53 at the Basin campground.
Beth hiked to Emory Peak (7800' above sea level) and camped at site #54 in the Basin campground. Tuesday, February 22nd, 1983 Michael set up camp at site #53 in the Basin campground.
  Wednesday, February 23rd, 1983  

Michael hiked the Lost Mine Trail early,
met Beth on her way up the trail as he was coming down.

Story Continues...

We didn't introduce ourselves until later at camp.

Map of Big Bend National Park - large file

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