Robert D. Hayes, Jr.

September 27, 1945 - August 23, 2007

0 Lord, You have searched Bob known Bob

You knew when he sat down and when he rose up

You knew how he loved wearing those boots and Marine sweats whether he sat down or rose Up.

You knew how he loved steak and Pepsi and Pizza’s, even though the doctors told him it wasn’t good for him.

You discerned his thoughts from far away

You knew how opinionated he was... and how he wanted to do things his own way. You knew how he did his own cooking and how dishes because no one else could do it quite right.

You searched out his paths and his lying down

You were there on that long trip out west through all 11,000 miles. You were there as Bob led those hikes making sure everyone had enough water ... and walked fast enough

You were acquainted with all his ways.

You made him as a diamond in the rough.

You knew how he protected his older sister from any possible boyfriends and watched over her, even taking her friends to den so he could keep an eye on his sister.

You knew how honor and integrity were so important to him.

You knew how he needed to be needed.

You knew how important music was to him, so you spoke to him through the words of great musicians and gave him a desire to reach others by sharing is gift of singing.

Even before a word was on his tongue, you knew it completely

You knew how he held his tongue occasionally, because he knew the other person was wrong, so he just wouldn’t talk to them ... and you also knew the times, he didn’t hold his tongue.

You hemmed him in from behind and before

And you laid your hand upon him

Such knowledge was too great for him.

It was so high, he could not attain it.

Where could he go from your Spirit?

Where could he flee from your presence?

If he ascended Into heaven, you were there.

You were there as he shared his gift of music with others and had those joyous news of intimacy with family and friends.

You were there when his children and grandchild were born and gave him such joy.

You were there as he held a little baby in his hands or played with the children to relieve the tension in his life.


If he made his bed in Sheol, you were there.

You were there even during times of break down-and discouragement. You were there and comforted him.

If he took the wings of the morning and settled at the farthest limits of the sea

(whether it was Okinawa, California, New York, the Pentagon, or Michigan or a trip through ell the national parks)

Even there, your hand would lead him and your right hand held him fast.

When he said Surely the darkness would cover him and the light around him become as night,

The darkness was not dark to you, the night was as bright as day. .

You knew how stubborn he was and how he didn’t want to admit he was ill, for illness meant weakness to him and he didn’t want to be weak; So you knew and strengthened him so that even though the pain was there end the days could seem dark, he never let on to others that he was in pain.

For it was you who made his inward parts, You who knit him together in his mother’s womb,

You made his heart of gold ... that needed quite a bit of repair several years ago. We thank you for the doctors who did those by-pass surgeries ... and helped you to give him a few more years.

We also thank you for his generosity as an organ donor ... that those wonderful inward parts that you crested can continue to give life to others. We ask you to bless those who will receive those organs.

We praise you for Bob was fearfully and wonderfully made, wonderful are your works. For Bob was never hidden from you, from the time he was intricately woven in the depths of the earth, your eyes beheld his unformed substance.

In your book were written all the days that were made for him,

When none of them as yet existed.

Thirteen years ago when the doctors told him that if he quit smoking he might have 5 years more to live, you knew that he would never really quit ... but you had more work for him to do, so you kept him here with us until now, to sing songs and play the guitar and fix things and to share love for these 8 extra years.

How weighty are your thoughts, O God.

We have tried to count them and they are more than the grains of the sand.

We did not always understand Bob. He was unique. But You knew and understood him, so we give you thanks that ...

Bob has come to the end of his earthly life, and he is still with you!

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