I was happy to hear that Pauline had all her planning done for her service and the way she wanted things done.
     I thought, "What a lady! She even went out with her own special style!"
     I remember Pauline, as a little girl of 5, when my grandma and I came from the country to KC to live with my Mother at her (Pauline's) house.
     It was the middle of World War II and Fred was in the Navy. My father had been dead for a couple of years, and Mom was working in the smaller (Arlington and 24 HWY) of Fred's Bar-B-Que's and Pauline worked at the other one on 24 HWY and Blue Ridge.
     Mom and I used ti lie on the foot of Pauline's bed while she got ready to go to work. She always was very precise in the way she applied her make-up and did her hair. She had a lot of class in the clothes she wore and the way she looked.
     She used to try to get me to improve myself by wearing my hair a certain way, or dressing in a certain style, but I was a teen-ager and I knew everything! But, I always respected her.
     I started working when I was 15, and bought my own clothes, or made them. When I got ready to graduate, she bought two of the loveliest dresses and lent them to me for Baccalaureate and other activities. I was crushed when it was time to return them, but I knew the time had come.
     I learned a lot from Pauline. She decided she wanted to better her place in the world and set out to accomplish what she aspired to. She managed the restaurants while Fred was in the service, and worked in them after he came home. Then after Michael got up in school, she decided she wanted to become a realtor, and a great one she did. She was one of the best in the KC area.
     Later, after I was married and had Kevin, she liked to take me shopping, but I was building a house, had a baby, and no money. So she let me show her "Open Houses". She always wanted me to go into real estate, said I would be good at it. But, I was always a rebel, which isn't always bad, and just didn't have time.
     I learned a lot from Pauline. Her aggressiveness, her ability to work with people, to go after what I wanted and to try to achieve whatever I really wanted to do.
     Patricia R. Doutt
     (Patt's Father was Fred W. Stone's 1st cousin and her Mother was Pauline H. Stone's 1st cousin)


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