SMITTLE - Temple Smittle, the son of Glover and Tempe (Calton) Smittle, was born February 3, 1908 near Grovespring, MO.  Temple's mother died when he was eight days old, and  his father Glover married Grace Wright.  Temple worked at Laclede Metal, and was a cousin to David Smittle, who had the Smittle cave at Grovespring.  Temple died September 1, 1962 and is buried at Mount Rose Memorial Park, Lebanon, MO.

Left to right, Temple Smittle, Noel Smittle, Rose (Barquin) Smittle, Grace (Wright) Smittle, Mayme Lee (Capps) Smittle, Fred Stone, Pauline H. (Smittle) Stone, Violet Marie (Smittle) Friedner, Lillian (Smittle) Kreiger and Bill Kreiger. November, 1952

He had one brother, Herman who is deceased .  His half-brother Noel Smittle was born October 21, 1910 in Competition, MO and died in Riverton, Wyoming.

Rose (Barquin) Smittle, Temple's sister in law, was born January 19, 1915 in Morton, WY. She died August 7, 1990 in Riverton, WY. Noel and Rose had one daughter.

Temple's stepmother Grace (Wright) Smittle was born February 3, 1882 and died in 1969.  Her father was the country doctor, E. B. Wright, of Competition, Missouri. 

Mayme Lee (Capps) Smittle, Temple's wife, was born February 11, 1908 in Ira, Missouri.  She worked at American Sales and then retired from Breech Medical Center. She died November 16, 1985. They had one daughter Iona Smittle, who retired from Commerce Bank May 8, 1992.

Fred Stone, temple's brother in law, was born in Good Pine, Louisiana on January 16, 1915 and died March 27, 1975 in Dallas Texas.

Temple's half sister Pauline H. (Smittle) Stone, Fred's wife was born January 19, 1918 in Competition Missouri and died March 24, 2002 in Lee's Summit MO. They have one son, one grandson, one granddaughter and a great granddaughter..

Temple's half sister, Violet Marie (Smittle) Friedner, was born August 12, 1912 and died May 29, 2002 in San Rafael, California.

Temple's half sister , Lillian (Smittle) Krieger was born November 26, 1920 in Competition Missouri and lives in Austin Texas

Bill Kreiger, Lillian's husband was born in Oklahoma October 8, 1919 and died March 20, 1999. They have one son, one daughter, two grandsons and two granddaughters. Submitted by Iona Smittle.

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