My first wife, Debbie, and I had not been married long when she came home with this little Sheltie mix she had gotten from the pound. She had already named her “Muffett” after the only woman I was ever engaged to, “Muff” Schnack.
After a turbulent two and a half years of marriage, Debbie and I divorced. I moved back in with my parents while I worked and went to school nights.
My parents spent a lot of time in Competition at “Pauline’s Place” and Muffett became their pet. Muffett and my Father in particular, became close and were almost inseparable. When my Father died on March 27th, 1975, Muffett ended up back in my care while my Mother spent more time cruising and living out her winters in Florida.
I married a second time. Marjorie and I along with her daughter from her first marriage, Jennifer, kept Muffett. Marjorie and I had a son, Ryan, in 1978.
In 1980, Jennifer wanted to earn her own money and took a paper route delivering the local add paper door to door. This lasted almost two weeks. Since the route was a contractual thing, I delivered the papers to fulfill the contract and gave Jennifer the money.
On the 27th of March 1980, Muffett accompanied me on the route. We were within three blocks of home when Muffett vanished. I knocked on doors for blocks around and put up posters to no avail. We all gave up after several weeks. It was as if something had just reached down and taken her.
The hair on the back of my neck still stands up when I realize that Muffett disappeared exactly 5 years after my Fathers death.