ET: Green-Cheek Conure (Pyrrhura molinae molinae). Rare and expensive. No idea of age or sex, found in backyard grapefruit tree with wings clipped ("he" couldn't fly). Bolivia is its native habitat (got "his" attitude from being smuggled to Florida in the hubcap of a car). Green body with blue primary flight feathers and a maroon tail. 10-1/2" long.
Gracie is a 5 year old female. She has a microchip implanted in her neck from her previous owners. They moved away and said they couldn't find her (she is de-clawed and was on her own for 8 months before she adopted us) and that we could have her since they have another cat.
Heidi is a 3 year old female that adopted us.
Spooky was 8 months old when he adopted us.
Bear was 10 months old when our friend Joe Landers and his wife Angelia brought him from Jackson, Mississippi.
Beth was 32 when she found me wondering around in the desert.
I was 36 when I was eating a cold can of mushroom soup at my camp site with a dollar to my name and half tank of gas in the Volvo (the nearest town was 100 miles). This brown eyed curly headed girl asked if I'd like a scotch and we have been collecting strays ever since.


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