The Thai pronounce this beer “poo-ket” and claim there is no “F” in the name. Beth pronounces the name of this beer with an “F”.
It reminds her of her sister Anne’s favorite saying. Anne was a beer drinker. I like my beer too. Beth does not like beer nor does she like beer on me. That may be why my beer bottle collection was decimated by her slamming of the shed door causing bottles to fall and break, thus encouraging me to establish my virtual collection.
I brought home an entire six pack of Phuket, I drank the whole six pack and Beth kept the empties in the carton on the kitchen counter for a week. The name so reminded her of her sister. I had never been able to keep any beer bottles in the house. She finally settled on just having one bottle on display in the kitchen cabinet, the lighted cabinet with the glass doors.