Mike on a Pony!
      When I was growing up, there was a small circle track where people could ride Shetland ponies for a quarter. I don't remember how long you got for that quarter. My Dad used to take me after closing so I could ride to my hearts content. Dad must have had a special arrangement with the owner. I can recall riding two or three times a week during the summer.

      I think I was nine or ten when my parents got into a bit of a tiff and Mother took me to Wyoming to visit her brother Noel and his wife Rose. They also had a daughter, Judy. It wasn't long before Dad showed up and took Mother back to Kansas City with him. It took me quite a few years to figure out why they left me on the Wind River Reservation with my aunt and uncle. Judy was older than me and I don't remember seeing a lot of her that summer. Noel worked at the Dam for the government. I remember having lots of time to explore and discover. I liked Wyoming.

     One day we all went to the Barquin Ranch where Rose’s family raised cattle. There were a lot of older cowboy relatives. They thought it would be cute to put this “city slicker” on a Shetland pony named “Dynamite” to go along with the big boys on big horses to heard cattle.

Well, that was like the rabbit and the briar patch. “Dynamite” and I ran circles around those guys and chased down all the strays. I’ll bet they still can’t believe it! Anyway, that’s how I remember it.

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